Apple iPhone 4 is just a new iPhone.

Apple iPhone 4 is just a new iPhone.

Writing an Apple product review is a rewarding but dangerous task. There is almost a 100% risk of getting involved in an endless dispute between fans and opponents of its products, followed by the approval of the former and the curses of the latter (or vice versa). There is no need to complain about fate, in any case, new devices of the company are coming out and you need to try to make a more objective review about them.

Unfortunately, Apple products are so “a thing in themselves” with a tinge of semi-religious fetish for some and an object of hatred for others that it will not work to be completely objective – after all, we are all people who have a right to our point of view.

Apple itself previously set itself so apart, announced the Think Different motto, that one day it almost completely sunk into oblivion, and as a result, it turned out to be a manufacturer of one of the most massive products in the entire history of the electronics industry. What other gadget is selling at the rate of a million devices a week? The scandal about the theft of what device has all the world media been discussing for several days?

The problem with the communication module of which phone in all history has bothered the first lines in the world press? Rhetorical questions, once again proving that the iPhone 4 is not just a pass-through communicator that will gather dust on store shelves, but another phenomenon of modern mass culture.

It is more than likely that the bulk of the world’s population is deeply indifferent to the features and details of the functioning of a particular phone model taken. It can even be safely assumed that some part of this mass of people is not at all concerned with the problem of using mobile communications. The rest, with the exception of a relatively small group of citizens who read the reviews of communicators, evaluate the device based on purely subjective assessments: cool / not cool, beautiful / scary, popular / not popular. The list is endless, but there will be no questions about a detachable battery, the ability to work on a modem, the installation of free third-party open source programs.

The fact that most iPhones are sold with a contract means that the buyer is not even interested in the problem of free choice of a tariff plan and carrier – he simply does not want to think about it. He wants to buy a new, popular, beautiful, convenient device, which has been written about by both a leading news analyst and his favorite glossy magazine.

The conclusion suggests itself: iPhone is a communicator for people who need a fashionable and stylish device. It is for those users who need a convenient tool for solving everyday tasks, without forcing distraction by the peculiarities of the device itself. iPhone is a communicator for people who do not want to “strain”, arrange problems for themselves, set certain tasks, then “heroically” overcome them, since Apple itself has defined the limits of what is permissible and it is very difficult to go beyond them. But within these limits, functionality and convenience are honed to perfection.

We must be honest, most of Apple’s innovations are sooner or later adopted by manufacturers of other operating systems and communicators, on the contrary – very rarely.

If, after one glance at the appearance and display of the iPhone 4, you become indifferent to the details and shortcomings, then this review can not be read further, but wait for the coveted communicator to appear on sale. And with this, as always, there are problems: in fact, the only limiting factor for purchasing an iPhone 4 now is its price. Those price tags with astronomical numbers once again speak of the appetites of sellers, the generosity of potential buyers and Apple’s simply amazing disregard for the Russian and CIS markets (the full-featured iPhone 4 and iPad pages with full descriptions of their capabilities look especially mocking, despite the fact that not a single device is officially supplied).

Well, just all the excitement shows the degree of public interest in the device.

So, here it is the iPhone 4 communicator.

Delivery set and characteristics of the device.

A small box, which could hardly fit a regular computer mouse, contains everything that, according to Apple, an average communicator user needs. In addition to various paper products and the iPhone itself, these are: a wired stereo headset, a USB cable, an adapter for an electrical outlet with a USB connector, two stickers with an apple and a hardware item for removing a SIM card “iString”. When extracting the contents, you never cease to be amazed at two things: compactness, neatness of packaging with a share of scrupulousness, as well as Apple’s strange desire to cram everything into a box as small as possible.

The only serious complaint against Apple is the lack of iTunes in the bundle, without which it is impossible to start using the communicator. When you first turn it on, he asks to connect himself to the computer where this program is installed. Probably, for those users who are able to purchase a new product, download 90 megabytes from the network, or find another way to get hold of this program is not a problem.

But for the future mass buyer, mostly not savvy in the field of information technology, the lack of a bundled program, without which one cannot even use the purchase, is a great reason to puzzle friends, acquaintances, shop assistants, or even Apple support service.

Apple A4 processor, the exact frequency of which is unknown – it may be below the maximum 1 GHz. A4 is a package of ARM Cortex-A8 chip for mainstream computing and PowerVR SGX 535 core for graphics with DRAM RAM; 512 MB of RAM, 16 or 32 GB of flash memory, 256 MB is used for system needs; Operating system iOS 4, upgrade available to 4.0.1; 3.5-inch diagonal LED-backlit IPS display with 960 resolution

Design and appearance.

Everyone should decide positively or negatively about the appearance of the device, as well as the changes that have occurred, compared to previous versions of the communicator. With the iPhone 4 and fans of Apple products, an entertaining story came out, 8 facteurs importants du d?veloppement et de la conception de sites Web everyone, of course, known: when a review of the stolen communicator appeared, many rushed to express dissatisfaction with its appearance. As a result, after the announcement of the device, the design of the iPhone is not spoken of except in excellent colors.

We will try to reduce the number of epithets to a minimum and simply describe the appearance of the novelty.

The weight of the device is the first thing you pay attention to when you take the communicator in your hand. Not that it is too big, but quite tangible, the relatively small size of the iPhone 4 also affects the mass of the communicator when you notice that there is no plastic in the iPhone 4. Of course, it is inside, but the entire external finish consists of two aluminosilicate glasses compressing a steel core – from which the communicator looks like a thin (less than a centimeter) sandwich.

The thickness of the glasses instills confidence in their resistance to chips and cracks. The metal edge further enhances the “bulletproof” impression of the iPhone 4. All hardware keys are made of metal, only the Home button and the SIM card slot are made of plastic.

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