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A man who, over his 20-year career in professional sports, is described as ‘the man who has the most frightening face in sports,’ the man with the most scary face in sports says Joe McGough had to go through a lot for him.

Joe McGough

That year in 2013, McGough suffered a neck fracture and went on the DL, and when he returned that year, that is where McGough began playing. That first season McGough had 41 tackles, but a big mistake by defensive end Dede Westbrook caused McGough to miss an entire season.

McGough was waived in the offseason and was released by San Diego. Allowing to walk, he was a free agent after the 2015 season, so he didn’t qualify for free agency until July of this year.

As one NFL fan put it to us, “He played every day in the end zone. But his health took a hit. When he was at all hurt, he didn’t know what to do, and I’ve just tried to get him his fair share of the snaps.”