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Emanuela Muzzupappa
Emanuela Muzzupappa was born in 1995 in Reggio Calabria, Italy. She graduated in Media Design from “Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti” (NABA) in Milan with her first short film called “Legami”. In 2019 she wrote and directed “Accamòra”, a short film with which she got into “Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia” in Rome.

Country: Italy | Runtime: 11 min | Distribution: PREM1ERE FILM Fiction | Year: 2020


Fig harvesting on the rugged Calabrian hills is a yearly life ritual for Antonio. That place is full of memories – it echoes the laughs and the melancholy of past moments. Together with his older brother, Antonio will harvest this year too, although he is going to find out that this time won’t be like before.
Liao Jiekai
Liao Jiekai is a filmmaker and artist based in Singapore and Tokyo. He is a founding member of the film collective 13 Little Pictures (Singapore) and production company Prism Pictures (Japan). Since 2005, he has directed several shorts, most notably The Mist which won the best director prize at Singapore International Film Festival’s Silver Screen Awards. His feature films had competed in numerous international film festivals in Tokyo, Shanghai, Torino, Nantes, Buenos Aires, most notably Red Dragonflies which won the Special Jury Prize at the Jeonju International Film Festival.

Production Company: Protocol | Country: Singapore | Runtime: 34 min | Year: 2021

On memory

Inspired by poems by Singaporean writer Yeng Pway Ngon, the film tells the story of a middle-aged man who decided to visit the graves of his ancestors after missing the annual family grave-sweeping event for almost two decades. He encountered his future-self in the cemetery, as an old man. In that bleak landscape scarred with remnants of exhumed graves, the duo embarked on an introspective journey into their past.
Sameh Alaa
Born in Cairo, Egypt, Sameh studied German literature at Cairo University. Before moving to Europe, he worked as an assistant director in advertising and feature films. In 2016, he finished his MA in filmmaking at EICAR film school in Paris. Sameh’s first short film FIFTEEN premiered at Toronto International Film Festival 2017 and won several awards around the world. In 2019 he made his first advertisement campaign as a writer and director. His last short film I AM AFRAID TO FORGET YOUR FACE, is the first Egyptian film in 50 years to be selected for the Official Short Film Competition at Cannes Film Festival 2020. Sameh is currently developing his debut feature film.

Egypt/France/Qatar/Belgium / 15′ / 09/2020 

I am afraid to forget your face

After being separated for 82 days, Adam travels down a rough road to be reunited with the one he loves, whatever it takes. 
Jonatan Etzler
Jonatan Etzler (b. 1988) graduated from Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts in 2018. His graduation film Get Ready with Me won Gold at the Student Academy Awards in Los Angeles in 2018. His other shorts have toured the festival world over the last five years, screening at ao SXSW, Palm Springs and Aspen Shortfest. filmography Swimmer – 2020/ The Stick – 2020 /Get Ready With Me – 2019 Intercours – 2017/The Less Fortunate – 2016/Make a Wish – 2016/I Follow You – 2015 Class Trip – 2014

Country: Sweden | Production Company: French Quarter Film | Supported by : Swedish Film Institute | Running time: 13:00 | Year: 2020

Badaren/ Swimmer

There’s a man floating around in an indoor swimming pool. The police order him to get out, to be arrested, but the man refuses. Swimmer is a humorous short film about a dramatic arrest that turns into an anticlimax.
Marija Apcevska
holds BA in Directing from FDA, Skopje and MA in Film and Media Production, NYFA, Los Angeles.
Her shorts have travelled to festivals worldwide and won
several awards, with Bardo premiering at Berlinale Generation. In addition, she is the creator of the children’s TV series Zoki Poki, the only TV series from North Macedonia broadcasted in Scandinavia.
her latest _lm, North Pole, premiering at Festival de Cannes
Official Short Film Selection, was one of the winning projects European Short Pitch 2019.
She is currently working on her first feature, Spring Cleaning,
Selected for development at LIM 2021 and presented at Cannes
Focus CoPro’ 2021.

Country: Macedonia / Serbia| Runtime: 14:59 min | Production Company KINO OKO/ in co-production with SERVIA FILM, FORGRADE and TIVOLI PRODUCTION with financial support of NORTH MACEDONIA FILM AGENCY, FILM CENTRE SERBIA | Year: 2021


Misty field, crowded locker room. Margo belongs to neither.  Maybe if she loses her virginity, she will finally find her place.
Katariina Lillqvist
Katariina Lillqvist is Finnish-born film director, producer, writer and journalist who has been working since 1989 in Prague, Czech land. She is currently working also in Stockholm, Sweden and in Helsinki, Finland. She has been working together with Swedish, Dutch and Czech television and radio broadcasters, as well as with Nordic Film and TV Foundation and the Media program of EU. Her major awards include the Silver Bear from the Berlin International Film Festival 1996.

FINANCED BY SES, SKR, AVEK, Studio Mamiwata, Zigedaire Animation| Country: Finland/Czech Republic | Runtime: 07:26 | Year: 2020


ONE LINER IN ENGLISH. In Barcelona, Vladimir Putin meets an unemployed matador, falls in love with his costume and wants to become a bullfighter himself.
Kim Torres
Kim Torres is a Costa Rican director and screenwriter born in 1993. She graduated from Audiovisual Production in the University of Costa Rica and a specialty in Screenwriting for Film and Television in the Centro de Capacitacion Cinematografica (CCC) in Mexico. Her short film Atrapaluz (2021) premiered in the Official Competition of the 74 Locarno Film Festival. She was part of Berlinale Talents (Guadalajara) as a director in 2019 and has worked as a screenwriter for two Netflix series as well as feature fiction and hybrid feature films. She is co-founder of the production Company Candela Cine where she has done audiovisual work with the issues of femicide, protest rights, imprisoned women, domestic workers and many other matters with a gender perspective.

Country: Costa Rica/ Mexico| Runtime: 20 min | Production Company: Noshe Negra producciones FILM Fiction | Year: 2021


When a mysterious light invades socially awkward Lila, she encounters its source: a cyborg who comes to remind her who she was in a past life.
Kaveh Mazaheri
Kaveh Mazaheri – Born 1981 in Tehran, Iran. Mazaheri has made five independent short films and more than twenty documentaries. He is the editor and author of a great many projects aside from his own. His most characteristic films include “A REPORT ABOUT MINA” (Documentary, 2015) and “RETOUCH” (Short fiction, 2017) and FUNFAIR (short fiction 2019)“RETOUCH” won “Best Short Fiction Film” from Tribeca and Krakow and Palm Springs and Traverse City Film Festivals.

Production Companies: 3bros film/ Darvash Film| Country: Iran, Canada | Runtime: 15 min | Year: 2019


Majid a young financially struggling Iranian man who is trying to push his wife in front of a car in the busy streets of Tehran in order to gain insurance money.
Jaro Minne (b. 1992) is a Belgian writer/director who frequently works on the
East-West crossover. He studied at KASK Ghent, Helsinki Film School before completing a
master degree at LUCA School of Arts in Brussels in 2015. His work combines intimacy with
distance, often exploring rootlessness and family dynamics. Filmography: Da-Dzma (2019),
Fragments of Gabi (2015)

Country: Georgia/Belgium/Fiction/Runtime: 15:25 Min/ Year : 2020


Winter. A fifteen-year-old girl in a remote Georgian village tries to get closer to her older brother, just as he decides to leave home in search for work abroad.
Angineh Isanians
Angineh Isanians is a writer and director based in Yerevan, Armenia. Born in Tehran, she began her career as a visual artist, studying sculpture, painting and ceramics before beginning to work in the film industry in Iran. For nearly a decade, Angineh has worked on
Iranian narrative film sets as a key part of the camera department, contributing to some of Iran’s most well-known contemporary feature films. In 2019, she received an award from the Armenian National Cinema Center to direct her first short film, ‘Beyond the Threshold,’ and is currently developing her first feature, “It’s enough,” about a family pushed to the edge during Armenia’s Velvet Revolution. Angineh has participated in the Golden Apricot Talent Lab and the Torino Film Lab, and is currently a fellow with IEFTA
(International Emerging Film Talent Association).

Country: Armenia/ Running time: 13 Min/ Fiction Year: 2020

Beyond the Threshold

Late at night a police in Yearevan, Armenia, officers exchange
crude jokes and teaste a new recruit who seems uneasy about
someone waiting in the next room.

Nadav Lapid

Born in Tel Aviv in 1975, Nadav Lapid studied philosophy at Tel Aviv University, French literature in Paris and cinema at the Sam Spiegel school in Jerusalem. After having directed three short
films, published a novel and worked as a literary critic and then a sports journalist, he joined the Cinéfondation of the Cannes Film Festival in 2008, where he wrote the screenplay for his first feature film. 2021- LE GENOU D’AHED (long) Festival de Cannes, Sélection
officielle, Compétition 2021- THE STAR (Short) Festival de Cannes,
Sélection officielle.2019- SYNONYMES (long)Festival de Berlin, Ours
métrage) Festival de Cannes, Semaine de la critique 2015- WHY ?
2014- L’INSTITUTRICE- Festival de Cannes, Semaine de la critique
2014- AMMUNITION HILL/ 2011- LE POLICIER /Festival de Locarno,
Prix du jury.

Country : USA, ISRAEL/Production Company: Neon (USA), Hot (Israel), Kastina /Runtime: 17 min/ Production year: 2020


In an anxious, enveloped and distant world, a woman is determined to
get a kiss, lips to lips, from the star of her dreams.
Han Feng Yu
Han Feng Yu is a Singaporean filmmaker. He graduated with a diploma in Film, Sound and Video from Ngee Ann Polytechnic in 2014. His thesis short film LAST TRIP HOME premiered at the 67th
Cannes Film Festival in the Cinefondation Competition 2014. It also competed at the Clermont- Ferrand International Short Film Festival, the Singapore International Film Festival, and won Best
Fiction at the 6th Singapore Short Film Awards.
Since 2014, Feng Yu has continued to develop and work on MORNING ELSEWHERE, that premiered at the 2021 Osaka Asian Film Festival.

Country: Singapore/ Running time 29:50 Min/Fiction/ Year: 2021

Morning Elsewhere

FEI’s dangerous pursuit of vengeance jolts her out of her naive heroism and forces her to confront her own remorse. An unexpected companion salves her agony and the next morning greets her with a
familiar warmth.

George Sikharulidze
George Sikharulidze was born and raised in Tbilisi, Georgia just before the collapse of the Soviet Union. At 18, he moved to the United States to pursue his studies in New York. He received a B.S. in Media Studies from New York University and an M.F.A. in Film Directing from Columbia University.
His short films set in Georgia, include The Fish that Drowned (2014), which premiered at the Clermont Ferrand Film Festival, Red Apples (2016) and A New Year (2018) which were both selected in the official competition at the Toronto International Film Festivaland other festivals, winning multiple awards. His latest short Fatherland premiered in the official competition at the Sundance Film Festival in 2019. His first feature project Panopticon explores adolescent sexuality and Christian fundamentalism in the post- Soviet Georgia. The project has been developed at the Cinéfondation Residence of Cannes Film Festival, as well as the Torino Script Lab 2019 and Torino Feature Lab 2020. Apart from writing and directing, George teaches
filmmaking at Tisch School of the Arts at New York University.

Country: Georgia/ Fiction/ Runtime:15 Min /Production Year 2018


Gori, Republic of Georgia, 2016: on the 63rd anniversary of Stalin's death, his worshipers gather outside of his birthplace to demand his canonization as a saint when out of nowhere something uncanny materializes.
Irina Jordania
Irina Jordania – was born Born in Tbilisi, Georgia. Irina graduated from
Tbilisi State University, where she pursued an International Relations and Law degree. Afterward, completed The High Courses for Film Directors in The Rustaveli Theatre and Film State University of Tbilisi – Rezo Esadze’s Workshop. Irina has interned at The Russian State University of Cinematography in Moscow – Marlen Khutsiev’s Workshop. She has worked as a journalist for various media outlets as well as editor for different publications. Presently works as a screenwriter. “12 K. Marx Street” is her first independent film project, which was nominated for the candidacy for European Short Film Awards 2020 by the Black Nights Film Festival (PÖFF).

Country: Georgia/Production companies: STUDIO KEDARI/ MILLIMETER FILM/Supported by: GNFC/Runtime: 15 Min/Fiction
Year: 2019

12 K. Marx Street

The Woman pours herself a cup of coffee and sits in the same place, at the same time, every day, calling the same number on her phone. One day, her call is unexpectedly answered.
Jasmin Tenucci
Jasmin Tenucci is a Brazilian filmmaker, who has written, directed or produced films in Brazil, Iceland, Pakistan, and the United States. Her most recent short film, AUGUST SKY (2021), is a Cannes Short Film 2021 Official Selection. Jasmin has a BA in film from São Paulo University and an MFA in writing and directing from Columbia University Film School.
Presently, Jasmin is developing for two feature films: AUGUST SKY, based on her short of the same name; and THE SMALLEST WHALE IN THE WORLD Currently she is writing a Soon-to-be-announced Netflix series that will premiere in January 2022.

Country: Brazil/Company: AmorDoch Films / Subtancia Filmes
Runtime: 16 min/ Fiction/ Year 2021


As the Amazon burns for the seventeenth day, a nurse in Sao Paulo finds herself drawn to a Neo-Pentecostal
Elena Tsagareishvili
I graduated from the Shota Rustaveli Theatre & Film State University (majoring as Film Director 1997- 2001) in celebrated film director Rezo Esadze’s workshop. I shot the short film "Dream"(“Zmaneba”) 2009 which was selected by San Gio Verona Video Festival 2010. Since 2016 I have been working with
Canadian script writer Fred Sengmueller . Our fiction short movie “The Metronome” 2018 (screenplay by Fred Sengmueller) was Official Selection finalist in Sacramento Underground Film & Arts Festival
2020. An experimental short film “Before We Leave” 2019 was selected by Festival Mundial De Cine De Veracruz 2019, Tbilisi International Film Festival 2019, London Arthouse Film Festival 2020, Kutaisi
International Short Film Festival 2021 and San Gio Verona Video Festival 2021. Beka Mikadze (a film director) was the editor of both movies. In 2019 Fred Sengmueller, Beka Mikadze and I founded the non- profit organization: GECFA – Gantiadi Ethno-Cultural Film Association.

Country: Georgia/Experimental short/Year 2019

Before We Leave

A deserted subway station. A rumbling, empty escalator stretches deep underground.
At the top, in front of the escalator an abandoned smartphone is ringing, playing a strange melody. Steps….someone finds it.

Giorgi Tavartkiladze
Giorgi Tavartkiladze is a Georgian director and screenwriter, known for Bad People  (2019) An Hour (2020) and  Comrade-in (2016). He was born in the capital of Georgian Soviet Socialist Republic, USSR, Tbilisi in 1990, a year before the collapse of USSR. Gained Bachelor (2012) and Master (2015) degrees in Film Directing in Shota Rustaveli Film and Theatre
Georgian State University.

Country: Georgia/Company: 20step productions/ Runtime: 10 min /Comedy  / Year: 2020

An Hour

The funny story of a young, innocent employee of Dito (25 years old), who unwittingly joins the scam of his classmate and catches big trouble in the "Hour".
Bülent Öztürk
(1975 in Bağlarbaşı, Urfa, Turkey) is a Belgian-Kurdish screenwriter and director based in Antwerp, Belgium. His short film Houses with Small Windows  (2013) won the prize of Best European Short Film  at the Venice Film Festival and was nominated for the 26th European Film Awards in Berlin. At the Ostend Film Festival, the film won an Ensor for best short film. He also made the short film  Shadow (2015) and the two documentaries Time to Time  (2010) and  Waiting (2012). Both
documentaries have been awarded several times and have been screened in Turkey, both at festivals
and on public broadcasters. In 2017 he realized his first feature film  Blue Silence  with the support of the VAF. Blue Silence won the
Fedora Prize at the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival and had its world premiere at there

 Country: Belgium/ Production Company: Polar bear/ Runtime: 18 min/ Fiction/ Year: 2021

Orphans of the city

During the lockdown, Hilde main concern is her demented mother. Under the skin she has wild dreams. To keep their bond alive, Hilde decides to restore an old carpet for her mother. But when her
biggest dream gets shattered and visits to her mother are discouraged, Hilde is confronted with her own
Rajesh Prasad Khatri

Rajesh Prasad Khatri, a self-taught filmmaker, working as a primary level school teacher in his village. A Curious Girl (2017) is his debut short film, which was world premiered at Busan International Film Festival (BIFF- 2017). It won the Special Prize of International Jury at Berlinale Generation Kplus Competition, 2018 and was screened around 30 film festivals around the world including few awards. A Scarecrow (2020) is his second short film . Currently, he is developing his first feature film, Black and White Photo which was selected at Asian Project Market (APM-2019), Berlinale Talents (Script Station) 2020 and received Script Development Fund of Asian Cinema Fund (ACF-2019). He is an alumnus of Asian Film Academy (2018) and Berlinale Talents Campus (2020). 

Country : Nepal/ Runtime :13:34/ Year 2020

A Scarecrow

After getting a job of making scarecrows for all the villagers’ fields, a student, NANI, is forced to abandon her dream of getting education for the survival of her poor family. 


Giga Gabriel Jobava
2017-2019 Position of the operator of the advertising company “SARKE”. 2014 Georgian Writers’ House, position of cameraman. 2014 Documentary film “Confession of Teimuraz Tsiklauri” Cameraman. 2014 documentary film “I am Goderdzi Chokheli” cameraman, editing director.Short Films: “Revenge” “Even Growing Up” “Wind” “Spring Snow” “Wrinkles”   2010 Prize winner of the International Festival of Operators “Golden eye”. Nominated for Best Cinematography at the same festival in 2014, with the film “Wrinkles”                 Feature films: “Black Sea” Director of Photography.        “SIERA” “Daddy’s Girl” “The lady of Heaven”

Country : Georgia/ Runtime  : 11 min / year 2021


Film reflects the stopped time after the war in Abkhazia